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Accept your order
Read our terms and conditions, fill in your details and accept the order.

Where can I find this number? See the email you received, it contains Nr. #number" this is the order number."

I declare for the due purposes of law to agree with all the conditions sent in my quotation, approved and accepted in this act, regarding the purchase order in question.


I further declare that all items supplied strictly comply with the technical and commercial specifications requested in the quotation request, and I am also responsible, at any time, to remedy any discrepancy between the product/service requested in the quotation and what will be delivered with the approval of this request. .

Seller declares for all purposes that in the event of a discrepancy between the request for quotation and the approved quotation, the specifications contained in the request for quotation and the conditions set forth in this purchase order will always prevail.

Thanks for submitting!

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