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  • Versatile, collaborative robots are capable of carrying out different types of work together with humans. Its main feature is to make work more precise and dynamic, leaving repetitive tasks away from human arms. In addition to increasing productivity and thus reducing company costs, the application of collaborative robots protects workers from injuries caused by repetitive movements or unhealthy environments.

  • Cobots, as they are commonly called, have several applications in the industry, from assembly to parts inspection. This is because the arms have six joints with freedom of movement of ± 360 °, load capacity for different weight capacities, with the different claws that can be attached to the flange, they can do the specific job.

  • One of the main advantages of collaborative robots is the simplified and intuitive 3D programming, through which it is possible to “teach” the route points to the robot, eliminating the need for a technician or even an engineer, making the work even more independent and less costly. Thus, to adapt any cobot to the needs of your industry, only basic training with a specialist is recommended.

Robotic automation of production line

SKU: 8002
  • Robotic automation for the most diverse applications in industries. Check availability of the product in stock for your need.

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