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  • Pantográfica is a very useful for car washes and vehicle maintenance companies allowing to elevate the vehicle.

  • Can be used in lava cars

  • Production time: 15 days

  • Delivery time: consult the manufacturer. * We do not ship through Mercado Envios only via carrier.

  • Automotive hydraulic pantographic table with capacity to lift up to 2,700Kg

  • National Manufacture brand J Lainequer

  • Total weight of the table without packaging 480 Kg

  • Electric drive via 220V socket or via vehicle battery

  • Comes with both plug and plug cable

  • Sewing material: steel

  • Requires use of simple hydraulic fluid

Automotive pantographic table

SKU: 4000
  • Product for automotive use, ideal for workshops and car wash. Check availability of the product in stock for your need.

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