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  • The press is an equipment that compresses or flattens objects between its base and the punch, under operations of: forming, cutting and casting parts. Mostly seen in industries and machine shops, in which they are of various types, which are: pneumatic, manual, mechanical and hydraulic, with models, sizes and different capacities for applying force or load.

  • By automating the way in which the press is activated through the electro hydraulic system, the energy transmission will be applied through the flow obtained from the pressurization of the fluid, carrying out the work of moving or displacing an object with a certain load at a certain distance.

  • In search of increasing production, the industrial sector is increasingly looking for adaptations that influence the productive result of industries and the safety of its employees.

Industrial press for various applications

SKU: 8003
  • Industrial press for various industrial applications. Check availability of the product in stock for your need.

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