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  • AIRnet is a fast, easy and reliable piping system, designed for compressed air, vacuum and other inert gases applications, providing a lower total cost of ownership from generation to the point of use.

  • AIRnet Aluminum is the most effective solution for your air or gas network. Its quick and easy installation makes your operations work in record time. AIRnet is leak-proof and corrosion-free.

  • The AIRnet Stainless Steel piping system guarantees the delivery of 100% oil-free air from generation to point of use, in accordance with the highest quality standards.

  • Save money on other piping systems

    When looking at the total cost of ownership, you will find that AIRnet is the best investment option. Its piping network was designed to meet the sustainable operational excellence of its production projects. Material and product design, installation and maintenance costs, flexibility and security - all influence your total cost of ownership and the level of efficiency of your production.

  • AIRnet keeps your energy costs low. AIRnet tubes and integral connections are top-sealed to prevent leakage and reduce friction to a minimum. This avoids pressure drops, saves energy and contributes to the sustainability of your production.

  • AIRnet is compatible with the dynamics of your business. The wide range of products offers the flexibility to use the system for a variety of applications. It can be connected to any existing network within a short time, and its modular technology offers you the advantage of modifying / expanding your network without affecting your production. AIRnet is the future-proof solution!

Airnet line system for industry

SKU: 8005
  • Airnet line system for industry. Check availability of the product in stock for your need.

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