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With JLainequer's NR12 suitability, your company meets the legislative requirements and guarantees the minimum requirements to protect the health and physical integrity of its employees.



Created on June 8, 1978 by the Ministry of Labor and Employment (MTE), the Regulatory Norm number 12, or  NR 12 , aims to ensure that machines and equipment are safe for the worker to use.


This NR establishes minimum requirements for the prevention of accidents and diseases at work with machinery and equipment, both new and used, with regard to their aspects of manufacturing, importing, marketing, displaying and assigning them in any capacity, in all economic activities. , covering the various interactions with workers at all stages of design, use,  assembly, transport, installation, adjustment, operation, cleaning, maintenance, decommissioning, inspection and dismantling.

In addition, the standard provides information about the training of operators, ergonomic aspects for working on machines and equipment, as well as the facilities in which they are located, including physical arrangement, areas for circulation and storage of materials around machines and signs. warning.



The Machinery and Equipment Regulatory Standard was an important step towards regulating safety parameters to ensure workers' well-being and physical integrity. In order to prevent occupational risks and accidents at work.

In addition, it is an important source of information for employers, as it defines what must be done for the healthy and safe exercise of the most diverse economic activities involving machines and other equipment.  

It is also worth noting that NR 12 also defines parameters for the adoption of appropriate measures for the professional exercise of workers with disabilities directly or indirectly involved with work.

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