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Mission : Create and produce innovative solutions that contribute to humanity.
Vision : To become a world reference in innovative industrial solutions.
Values : To act with ethics and respect for human beings, valuing commercial and interpersonal relationships.


1st. The provisions of this Code apply, where applicable, to directors, officers, employees and interns of J Lainequer Soluções Industriais Ltda, as well as to all suppliers and partners, whether natural or legal, who, directly or indirectly, are economically and financially with the company.


2nd Art. The members of J Lainequer Soluções Industriais Ltda, characterized in art. 1º, they must, in their postures and actions, observe the principles of ethics, integrity and morality, in addition to the constitutional and legal commandments.
3rd. The directors, officers, employees, interns, as well as suppliers and partners that, directly or indirectly, relate to J Lainequer, will obey the following principles of conduct:
I - Act with commitment and consistency with the institutional mission of J Lainequer, adopting, in the exercise of its functions related to its mandate, position, employment, or function, principles and attitudes compatible with the list in art. 2nd of this Code of Ethics.
II - Carry out its activities with a social conscience, considering the economic and social inequalities of the country and working to minimize them with actions that guarantee social inclusion, repudiating any form of child labor, slavery or prohibited by law;
III - Stimulate, propagate and support, within the scope of its activities, the adequate, rational and sustainable use of resources in general;


Art. 4 The duties of all directors, officers, employees, interns, as well as all suppliers and partners that, directly or indirectly, are related to J Lainequer:
I - Adopt a position consistent with the principles of the Institution, when speaking on behalf of the company or representing it, basing its words on technical rigor and its decisions on consistency with its mission;
II - Act with probity, rectitude, loyalty and justice;
III - Treat colleagues, clients and partners in a courteous manner, without prejudice of any origin, whether of race, sex, color, age, sexual orientation, sexual identity, political and religious options or any other form of discrimination, respecting their privacy and personal and professional reputation and preventing personal interests from interfering in relationships;
IV - Ensure equality, trust, loyalty and fairness in dealing with colleagues and customers, recognizing and accepting the differences inherent to the diversity of people who make up the company and the universe to be served by it, guiding internal and external relations by absolute respect for human beings;
V - Exercise its activities with transparency, honesty and commitment to the truth;
VI - Ensure the good image of the company before society, its assets and its interests and use its financial, material and human resources with responsibility, economy and austerity; and
VII - Acting aware that your work is governed by ethical principles, which materialize in your professional conduct, and encourage colleagues and clients to act professionally in an ethical manner.


5th. Directors, officers, employees, interns, as well as suppliers and partners who, directly or indirectly, are related to the company are prohibited:
I - Practice or condone, by action or omission, directly or indirectly, in the exercise of their functions related to their mandate, position, employment, or function contrary to the ethics and interests of the company, even if such act observes the legal formalities and do not commit an express violation of the law or regulations;
II - Carrying out, as an employee, a professional activity that creates a conflict of interest with those exercised by the company or incompatible with your working hours;
III - Use the position or function for the purpose of obtaining personal or professional favors for yourself or for others;
IV - Alter or distort the content of documents;
V - Use the workforce of directors, officers, employees, interns, suppliers and partners to provide services of particular interest;
VI - To appear on the premises of the company while intoxicated or under the influence of illegal substances;
VII - Use the company's communication strategies to promote political, private or third party interests;
VIII - Use company communication systems and channels for the propagation and dissemination of rumors, pornography, pedophilia, prejudice of any kind, including racial, gender, age, origin, sexual orientation, sexual identity, commercial, religious advertising or party politician;
IX - Create profiles on social networks using the name of the company or even any of its projects, products or services, without authorization;
X - Publish images, texts or comments on social networks, or any other means, which may negatively expose the company, its brand, its employees and its customers.
XI - To generate expenses for the company, with benefits for itself or for third parties, related to travel, purchases of equipment, services and others, motivated by interests outside the interests of the company;
XII - Deliver and disclose promotional material from any legal entity, notably those who are owners or partners, or from any individual, during contacts maintained on behalf of the company, and propose to customers, suppliers and partners to request their services directly;
XIII - Charge professional fees from customers and suppliers, as well as directly sell any company product, without prior authorization, using the company's products and services to obtain personal interests;
XIV - Use the company logo for other professional activities, when not at the service of the Institution;
XV - Plead, request, provoke, suggest, give or receive any type of gift, financial aid, gratuity, prize, commission, donation or advantage of any kind, including personal invitations for trips, accommodation and other attractions for you, family members or any person, to carry out their activities or to influence another employee of the company for the same purpose;
XVI - Treat coworkers, superiors, subordinates and other people with whom you have a relationship due to work with rudeness, disrespect or aggressiveness or practice acts of verbal and physical violence;
XVII - Discriminate co-workers, superiors, subordinates and other people with whom they relate to due to work, due to prejudice or distinction of race, sex, sexual orientation, nationality, color, age, religion, political tendency, social position or any other forms of discrimination; and
XVIII - Adopt, repeatedly, any conduct that interferes with the performance of work or that creates a hostile, offensive or intimidating environment, such as biased actions generated by sympathies, dislikes or personal interests, above all and especially sexual harassment of any nature or moral harassment, in the sense of disqualifying others, through words, gestures or attitudes that offend self-esteem, security, professionalism or image.
VVIII - In contracting relationships that involve public agents, pay attention to all the norms, standards, procedures and applicable laws, strictly complying with what is provided for in the notices and in the norms and conducts of good practices of clients / contractors.
Single paragraph. For the purposes of item XV of this article, gifts that do not have a value greater than R $ 100.00 (one hundred reais) or that are distributed indistinctly by entities of any nature by way of courtesy, advertising, usual disclosure are not considered gifts , or on the occasion of special events or anniversaries.


6th. The implementation of the principles of ethics within the company must be pursued permanently, to ensure that the actions, behaviors and attitudes are consistent with its mission and essential values, in accordance with this Code of Ethics.
Single paragraph. Anyone who believes they have been exposed to retaliation after addressing ethical issues should bring the matter to the attention of the company's board of directors.
Art. 7 Doubts regarding this document should be communicated to the immediate superior.
Art. 8 The omissions in this document must be decided within the scope of the company's federative unit and brought to the attention of the board.
Art. 9 This Code of Ethics will be revised whenever necessary by the company and its directors.
Art. 10th. This Code will enter into force on 7/30/2019, for an indefinite period and its publication on the company's website implies that it was fully approved by the company and its directors.

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