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  • The mixer is the equipment designed to mix the ingredients and to make the dough. The mixers can be of the slow and fast type. Those of the slow type are generally of greater capacity, getting to prepare 25 Kg of dough or more. However, the time spent is considerably longer, and it may be necessary to supplement the preparation of the dough in a cylinder. The fast mixers, which are also called kneaders, can be of just one speed or offer up to three rotation options. They make it possible to prepare from a kilo of dough up to 10 kg or more.

  • The great advantage is that the dough comes out ready to be used in the other stages of the baking process (you don't need to use the cylinder); they spend less time and the preparation of the same amount of dough, at a time, prevents part of the dough from being exposed for a long time, while the other steps are being carried out.


SKU: 5001
  • Ideal for the pharmaceutical, food and supplement industry. Check availability of the product in stock for your need.

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